Water Screens Special Effects

waterscreen special effectsJust imagine a 25m high wall of water appearing from nowhere coupled with high power Video, slide, lighting and laser projections. The effects are truly amazing

The Water screen is an amazing medium that uses a thin film of water for projection of video, lasers, gobos, and other lighting effects. The images appear to float magically in front of the audience, enhanced by the surrealistic effect of genuine water flowing in front of them.

The water falls cleanly and silently from an overhead nozzle system and into a special recovery basin where it is re-circulated by a high pressure pump system. The surrounding area is left dry, and performers or speakers on stage behind the system are unaffected by the curtain of water just inches away.

We offer a range of different water screens for graphic projection and laser effect shows. The screen of water consists of several thousand individual drops which circulate from the nozzle array, to the catchment basin below.

The water screens are perfectly suited for very different applications such as:

Video or Slide Projection
Laser Shows
Room Decoration
Air Cleansing
Optical Separation of Different Areas - facilitating the possibility to isolate certain sectors of the water flow to create passages
Scene Separation in Theme Park Rides
Rain Simulations

Graphics and effects are well defined due to the fine structure and prefabricated construction means efficient installation coupled with flexible dimensions. With a dark surround provided, the water film is nearly invisible and wonderful 3D effects can be displayed.

A waterscreen is the most impressive way to display images and video

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