Water and Liquid Special Effects

water and liquid special effectsCovering a wide variety of effects, the heading “liquid” encompasses such things as simulated rain for movies and theme park attractions, waterfalls, geysers and steam vents. We also install underwater air cannons to blast gallons of water 90 feet into the air as well as high-pressure pump systems to create real mist and fog effects.

Few effects can add reality to a scene better than Liquid Special Effects. From rain blowing into the audience from a dangerous storm to the mist filled green forest, waterfalls, dancing fountains, 3D theatre spritz effects, champagne hits, under water cannons, simulated lava flows, chocolate rivers and geysers, liquid effects make it all the more real.

You need a company with experience to add just the right liquid effect to your next scene or ride. Back Stage Technologies can implement any liquid special effect you desire. From concept to implementation we have the experience and knowledge to make your liquid vision a reality.

We have been providing theme parks with water effects for many years but more recently we have seen an increase in use in other areas such as water parks, leisure centres and educational attractions such a zoos and safari parks.

This category is so huge it is probably fair to say that, “If it’s wet we probably have something that will squirt it, shoot it, pour it or spray it!”

Liquid Effects of Every Kind

Mist and Fog
Waterfalls and Flash Floods
Fountains and Water
Underwater Explosions
Water Screens

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