Theme Park Special Effects

theme park special effects

What used to be exclusive to the big screen has now trickled down into the Themed Entertainment Industry. Special Effects that are used in Movies and TV are now used at theme Parks and other Entertainment Venus.

Theme parks are packed full of stunning attractions, which can transport guests to fairytale lands, scenes from famous movies or even into space in an instant. They have invested billions of dollars to ensure that the experiences are as authentic as possible – but have you ever wondered how some of those incredible moments are created?

We have been active in this industry for over 10 years and have built a solid international reputation though our quality installations of cryogenic special effects, show action equipment and flame effects. Over the years, we have produced a wide array of effects, both real and illusory, including liquid, wind, and lighting and mechanical effects. Among other SFX, our shop can produce set pieces, items like dry ice cannons, faux snow machines and effects not even dreamed up yet! Please take a look at the following list of some of the many services and products we can offer:

Projections & Lighting Effects
Fire and Fake Flame Effects
Mechanical Effects
Liquid and Water Effects
Wind Effects
Snow Effects
Foam Effects
Fog Effects
and much, much more.....

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