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mechanical special effects

Mechanical Effects

Mechanical effects (also called practical or physical effects), are usually accomplished during the live-action shooting. This includes the use of mechanized props, scenery, scale models, pyrotechnics and Atmospheric Effects: creating physical wind, rain, fog, snow, clouds etc. Making a car appear to drive by itself, or blowing up a building are examples of mechanical effects.

From simple breakaway props to lavish and complicated robotics our design team consistently amaze and surprise audiences around the World using a variety of pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical and electronic hardware to create fantastic and breathtaking effects.

No one effect is the same as the next and so each bespoke design and installation is unique to each of our clients.

From falling rocks to swaying trees, from giant projection screens to hyper fast show controlled doors and from lightening strikes to earthquakes; we have both the knowledge and the experience to design that extra special effect for your next production.

Show Action Equipment

Show action equipment works behind the scenes to create repeatable, realistic motion at Exhibitions, Stage Events, Shows, theme parks, theater productions, museums, casinos, retail and corporate centers. Whether large or small, if you need it to shake, spin, rise, or drop, our show action systems can make it happen.

Hand crafted and rigorously tested to ensure that safety is never compromised, our show action equipment and mechanical effects are trusted and respected by both show designers and producers alike. Our portfolio includes:

Show Action Doors
Simulators Hydraulics
Collapsing Systems
Stepper and Servo Systems
Motion Control Systems
Shaker Tables
Lifts and Cranes
Rotating Rooms
Track Mounted Carriages


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