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Practical Special Effects USA

Theme Park, Entertainment, and Movie Special Effects

Back Stage Technologies is a Special Effects Company which produces a wide range of products and services for the Themed Entertainment Industry. Whether it is stage lighting effects or movie special effects, our company is well equipped to create a broad range of special effects for special event entertainment venues such as theme and amusement parks, museums and interactive theaters.

We have been active in this industry for over 10 years and have built a solid international reputation though our quality installations of cryogenic special effects, show action equipment and flame effects. Over the years, we have produced a wide array of effects, both real and illusory, including liquid, wind, and lighting and mechanical effects. Among other SFX, our shop can produce set pieces, items like dry ice cannons, faux snow machines and effects not even dreamed up yet! Please take a look at the following list of some of the many services we can offer:

Projections & Lighting Effects
Fiber Optic Lighting & Effects
Design & Fabrication
Consulting & Concept Design
Mechanical Systems
Architectural Effects
Engineering & Fabrications
Show Control
Project Management
Trade Show Displays

It is our goal to maintain close customer service from concept and design, through fabrication and technical management, to field installation and commissioning, all to our customers specifications. Our work is geared to tight installation schedules and we pride ourselves on bringing our projects in on time and on budget. Browse our website and let your imagination run wild. We look forward to getting together with you to see how Back Stage Technologies can help meet your entertainment needs and provide your company with the best Special Effects your money can buy!

To schedule a consultation with one of our special effects experts, please call us at (321) 735-6448. Or complete our Contact Form