Foam Special Effects

sony foam commerical miami

The largest public foam party in the World.

Sony Camera Commercial – filmed on location in Miami

For the ad, the producers transformed downtown Miami into a giant bubble bath, filling whole streets with foam and inviting residents to frolic in it and take pictures.

They decided to go with bubbles and foam. Lots and lots and lots of bubbles and foam, in fact, a city of foam.

Of course, this sort of  project had a few questions that came with it…

How does one get enough foam to make a foam city? Oh, you just go and build the biggest foam machine in the world, that’s how. Check out these stats on their marvelous machine:

It is 2.8 meters in diameter
It uses 1,000 liters of water to create 2,000,000 liters of foam per minute
It can fill up an Olympic swimming pool in only 24 seconds
It is estimated that 460 million liters of foam will be made by the end of production
It is modular for easier transport

Where do you go to get some of the best bubbles in the world? For this, they found Back Stage Technologies, with years of experience in the Special Effects Business and they also custom-build machines for more customized bubbles.

How do you get a city to agree to get filled with foam? It takes more than a memo. First, it took Miami a while to take the requests seriously, and who can blame them? It also took a massive amount of coordination between the production team and city departments such as the public works, police, film commission, etc. And then there was the small task of getting a hundred businesses at the locations to shut down for the production.

How many people does it take to pull off a seven day shoot of this scale? Well, along with director, it’s taking a crew of 150 (18 of which are working the foam), a documentary filmmaker, photographer, 20 journalists, 200 people before the camera recording their experiences with their Sony cameras, and another crew to film the crew filming the people recording their experiences with their Sony cameras.

Other information:

The foam is completely safe, approved by MAFF and FDA certified, and comes in three different densities for different uses during the shoot.

Miami was chosen as the location because, well, it’s Miami – colorful, bright and lively, which fit the Foam City mood perfectly.

Combining the three main cameras being used for this production, it is estimated that they’ll end up with 80,000 feet of film and 16 hours of footage, all for a 90 second commercial.

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