Fire Effects & Fake Flame Effects

Real or Fake, we can supply the flame

Fire and Fake Fire special effectsFire & Flame Effects

Our notoriety in special effects stems from our work with fire and flames as we excel in providing spectacular and safe systems that continue to wow audiences around the World.

We manufacture a range of ‘off-the-shelf’ flame effects that are ideal for touring or retro-fitting to theme park attractions. These effects use a variety of media, not only gas but also high pressure flammable liquids and liquefied gases to create streamers of fire, giant fire balls, explosions and blasts of flame from just a few feet high to over 35 feet high.

In addition to our ‘off-the-shelf’ range we also design and manufacture bespoke flame systems for theme parks, stunt shows, concerts and other entertainment venues and attractions. Back Stage Technologies have designed flame systems for virtually all the major theme park operators in the World and our reputation in this field keeps them coming back for more!

For spectacular, safe, compliant and cost effective flame effects you need look no further than Back Stage Technologies.

Our stunning effects have included giant, open air fireballs, walls of flame nine yards high, and boiling lakes. All of this, and more:

Flame Bars, Pans, Fish Tails and Dante’s
Fireballs and Walls of Flame
Smoke Effects
Fire Cannons
Fire on Water
Volcano Simulations
Exploding Buildings, Vehicles and Objects


Fake Flame™ Simulated Fire

Fake Flame is our trade marked and patented simulated flame system that is so impressive it is difficult to tell it from the real thing!

In many applications it is just not possible to use real flame, for example; on board cruise ships, on stage, in close proximity to actors or the general public or simply where cost is prohibitive. Fake Flame™ enables you to create spectacularly realistic flames that are so safe you can walk through them and even touch them!

We use various media to create the simulated flames which is determined by the size of flame required, location and services available.

We have provided Fake Flame™ systems for use on stage, in theme parks, for touring shows and even on top of a 1000 foot tall tower in the middle of the desert!

Now you can have flame where you never thought it possible before!

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