Cryogenic and Fog Special Effects

cryogenic and fog special effects

Cryogenics, the science of the very cold, has found its way into the entertainment field. In fact it is an integral part of the special effects industry. Most of the fantastic special effects you see where smoke shoots into the audience or steam bursts from the mouth of a fire-breathing dragon are achieved through the use of cryogenic effects. Super-cooled nitrogen and now natural air are used to create these spectacular special effects.

Cryogenic fog effects use mainly two different cryogens; Liquid nitrogen and liquefied carbon dioxide. Our Ice Cannons are known throughout the industry and provide awesome blasts of freezing fog that can engulf an entire area in just a few seconds. We can also supply Expansion Foggers which use warm water or steam together with liquid nitrogen to create very large low fog effects for masks, reveals and use in 3D theatres, cinemas and other areas

Back Stage Technologies now works with Stirling Cryogenics, the world-leading innovator of stand-alone cooling systems. With the unique Liquid Air (LA) plant developed through this collaboration, now you can have full control of your cryogenic effects. All you need is electricity, air, and water!

The great advantage of liquid gas plants is they give on-site generation of the gases needed for effects, whenever you require them.

We can create these amazing effects:

Swirling Seas of Fog
Powerful, High Volume Blasts
Fog Curtains for Movie Projection
Dry Ice Effect
Jet Bursts
Ground Fog
Simulated Explosions

Dry Ice Fog Machine

Cryogenics sounds daunting. The truth is that cryogenic freezing technology is the basis of many common special effects today. Because they can be created from air and water, they are some of the safest effects available. Some of the first uses of cryogenics in special effects centered around dry ice. Fog machine units employing dry ice are still common today and create thick and eerie mists.

 The dry ice cannon broadened cryogenic use

As useful as the dry ice fog machine was, it soon became apparent that more could be done with the mist it created. The mist could be used to simulate fog, steam or even smoke. Soon, the dry ice cannon was developed. By ejecting the mist at various speeds, the dry ice mist could be used to simulate explosions, steam vents and jet engine blasts all without creating heat. Think of all the times you have seen a character fight through jets of steam to get turn of some critically damaged system in the nick of time to avert disaster. Most likely, this was created with a dry ice cannon of some sort.

Contact Back Stage Technologies today to learn how to add one of these amazing units as well as fiber optic lights, propane fire elements and more to your venue.

Back Stage Technologies can implement any cryogenic special effect you desire. From concept to implementation we have the experience and knowledge to make your cryogenic vision a reality.

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